Download Repository – num_rows

Please note: Functionality described on this page requires Download Monitor version 4.0 or above. Downloads in Download Monitor can be fetched via the Download Repository. num_rows is a method of Download Monitor’s download repository service. The method returns the amount of posts found for given filters. Useful for when you want to paginate your results. Signature … Read more

Download Options

Every download comes with 3 download options out of the box: Featured download, Members only, and Redirect to file. Go to Downloads > Add New and look in the right menu. Featured download Marking a download as Featured download allows you to display the download in special, more prominent, places in widgets and shortcodes. Members … Read more

CSV Exporter

Export all your downloads to a CSV file with a single click! The CSV Exporter exports all download data including categories, tags, and all file versions to a CSV file! The exported CSV is importable with the CSV Importer Extension. Installation Unzip and upload the plugin’s folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the extension through … Read more

Changing Allowed File Types in WordPress

WordPress supports popular image, video, and zip formats, however, some more rare file types will not be supported. Download Monitor is limited to using WordPress allowed file types. If you wish to add new types, there is an excellent tutorial which you can find here: There are also plugins available for this purpose such … Read more

Always No Access Page

Caching either done by a plugin or your host could prevent Download Monitor from working correctly. If you have a caching plugin active please exempt /download/ and /no-access/ including all sub-pages (like /download/5/). Please also check with your host if they have caching enabled and if they do, to exempt the same URL patterns.

Action and Filter Reference

Download Monitors comes with various actions and filters that allow you to hook into certain events or alter certain variables. You can read more about WordPress Actions here and about WordPress Filters here. Action dlm_downloading Triggered when a file is downloaded by a user. Passes $download and $version. dlm_options_start Triggered at the start of the … Read more

Download Hashes

Hashing in Download Monitor can be used by the person downloading the file to verify if the file they downloaded has been altered. This is done by your website calculating the hash of your file and the user locally calculating a hash of the downloaded file. If both hashes are equal, the download was not … Read more

Logging Options

Download Monitor allows saving logs that contain the IP address and other user details whenever someone downloads on your website. In the 4.1 update of Download Monitor, we have added more controls for you to choose exactly what data you wish to collect from the user while still keeping a log of all downloads. Prior … Read more