Downloading Page

The Downloading Page extension for Download Monitor forces your downloads to be served from a separate page.
Download Monitor - Downloading Page

Serve downloads from a separate page

We’ve just made it easy for you to display an ad or a link to your social media profiles while users are waiting for a download to start. It’s a great advertising space for your site.

The Downloading page is a default WordPress page, allowing you to place anything you like on it. A great example is using a banner plugin and display an ad upon every download!

Auto-play a video that shows instructions on how to use your product. The users can watch the video while the download’s starting.

Display ads while users are waiting for downloads to start

Display links to your social media profiles

Marcia Gaudencio
I’ve been offering free downloads of my training software for a while. I kept getting he same questions from our users, so I created a short video that I placed on the Downloading Page that explains how to get started with my product. Support inquiries have reduced DRAMATICALLY.
14 day money back guarantee, love it or get a full refund.

Automated trigger

The download is automatically started after a few seconds on the downloading page. We also include a shortcode that displays a manual download link. Just in case.

Detailed breakdown of email addresses collected for each locked download.

Bulk-download all the email addresses you’ve collected.

Finally, the Downloading Page extension comes with an overridable template file so you can change the complete output of the manual download shortcode.

Download Monitor - Downloading Page

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