Core Extension Bundle

If you are looking to purchase several of the core extension (those sold on this site) consider the Core Extension Bundle for a significant discount over buying all extensions separately.

What’s included?

All core extensions developed by Download Monitor are included, this include the following extensions:
  1. Advanced Access Manager
  2. Amazon S3
  3. Buttons
  4. Captcha
  5. CSV Exporter
  6. CSV Importer
  7. Download Duplicator
  8. Downloading Page
  9. Email Lock
  10. Email Notification
  11. Google Drive
  12. Gravity Forms Lock
  13. Ninja Forms Lock
  14. Page Addon
  15. Terms & Conditions
  16. Twitter Lock
  17. MailChimp Lock

What’s the value of this bundle?

Like all extensions, the bundle comes in three license options. Please see the table below that includes the price of buying each extension separately per license option.
License Value Bundle Price
Personal $624 $125 Purchase
Business $944 $250 Purchase
Developer $1,584 $399 Purchase
The difference between the licenses is the amount of websites you can activate each extension on. With the Personal license you can activate each extension on 1 website. With the Business license you can activate each extension on 5 websites. With the Developer license you can activate each extension on 20 websites.

What isn’t included?

3rd party extensions are not included; only extensions sold on this site and listed in the list above are part of this bundle.

How does the license key work?

This bundle gives you a single license key which can be used on all extensions. The bundle is available as a personal license (1 site per extension), a business license (5 sites per extension) or developer license (20 sites per extension).

Will new core extensions get added to this bundle?

New core extensions, those developed by Download Monitor, will be added to this bundle when they’re released. Because of this, the bundle might increase in price in the future when more extensions are included. However, if you’ve already purchased the bundle you will gain access to all extensions that are added in the future.

What about support and updates?

Like with all licenses, you’ll get support and updates for a year from the date of purchase. After a year your license will be automatically renewed. You can cancel your subscription at any time.