How to start a website with and sell downloadable products (via Download Monitor)

Here's how to start a digital products store on and sell downloads using Download Monitor.

Anyone can make money from selling digital products. Think about it: You could be a freelancer looking to set up a passive income stream. Or you might be working a full-time job and fancying the idea of developing a side project. You could also, of course, be an entrepreneur exploring a profitable digital product idea to build a business.

Creating a great digital products store is the most important thing when it comes to setting up such a digital downloads business.

Now, you need two solutions to create such a store. The first one is a website builder. Your website builder hosts your store and lets you build a slick and user-friendly storefront. And the second solution is a download management tool that takes care of everything right from allowing you to upload and enable deliveries of your downloads to processing payments for the same (and everything in between).

In this article, we’ll examine how is the perfect platform for starting a digital products store and how Download Monitor excels as the download management solution to power its logistics. However, let’s first see the must-haves of a good website builder and of a download manager.

What makes a good website builder for a digital products store?

Creating a digital products store website needs a versatile website builder that offers at least the following essentials.

eCommerce capabilities 

First and foremost, your website builder should let you create a store. You should be able to use a theme that makes your website look like a shop. Alternatively, you should be able to set up product/download pages on a simple website. This means your website builder should include a drag-and-drop editor that lets you create custom pages from scratch.

Good content management

From download (product) pages and blog posts to images, social media updates, and videos, it takes a volume of content to convert visitors into leads and then leads into customers. Therefore, a good website builder for a digital products store must support good content management and ideally be an all-in-one solution to power all these different content types and formats. 


Mobiles drive about 50% of all web traffic. So your website builder must let you build a mobile-friendly downloads store. Your users should be able to check out your products and even download them over their phones. Mobile-friendliness isn’t just a user experience essential but is also critical for SEO. Mobile-friendly websites tend to rank better for mobile searches.


Search channels consistently generate organic leads when properly optimized. Did you know that your website builder does a lot of the heavy-lifting when it comes to SEO? When you use a website builder that offers SSL, for instance, you get SEO points. Loading speed is another SEO ranking factor that your website builder takes care of for you. Mobile-friendliness is yet another SEO factor that your website builder needs to take care of. Then there are the more granular aspects, like setting up SEO-friendly URLs, adding alt text to images, writing SEO meta descriptions, etc. Your website builder must come shipped with all these SEO tools and more.


As your digital product store grows, you’ll need to extend its functionalities. Like many Etsy sellers, you may want to start selling customizable digital products at some point. You’d then want to add a form plugin or addon that allows you to collect your users’ personalization/customization information. You get the picture. To summarize, you should be able to add more features via third-party plugins/solutions as needed.

Why is an ideal website builder for creating a downloads store

A good website builder for opening a downloads store

Before we see the reasons that make a great digital products store builder, let’s see how compares with

In general, when you talk about WordPress, you are referring to is a downloadable software that you need to install on a web host’s server to build your website. It’s called a self-hosted website solution since you need to buy hosting for it yourself. Building (and maintaining) a website with the software is a fairly technical process.

On the other hand, is a done-for-you website builder. Here, you get the software hosted on Automattic’s very own web hosting. Just sign up for and your website can be live within minutes. You don’t have to download any software, buy any hosting, or do any server configuration. takes care of your website’s security, performance, and maintenance — and all of this for a simple monthly or annual plan.

What many people don’t realize is that isn’t a slimmed-down version of It’s just as powerful and you need to upgrade to the Business plan or higher to unlock the whole experience on it.’s Business plan is, in fact, a great option to build your digital downloads store.

With a Business plan:

  • You get the best-in-class managed WordPress hosting. comes with hosting, which means that your website’s security, performance, automated backups, updates, and pretty much everything else that runs your website is taken care of.
  • You get to choose from thousands of WordPress themes.’s Business plan lets you upload any theme of your choice (even from a third-party seller) to give your digital store a look you like! You can also find several free themes.
  • You get a page builder! comes with a powerful blocks editor that gives you complete freedom to design custom landing pages, sales pages, and even simple product or download pages.
  • You can choose from over 50,000 plugins. With’s Business plan, you can easily install a plugin like Download Monitor to run your digital products store. You can even add more plugins and addons to extend your store’s functionalities. 
  • You get a host of marketing tools, including ones for SEO. comes with many SEO and marketing tools to grow your digital products business. In addition to SEO essentials like support for optimized URLs, meta descriptions, tags, etc., also brings native social media sharing to your store, that too with previews.
  • You can even book a domain name straight from your dashboard. By booking your domain name via your website builder, you simplify your web presence management as both your domain name and hosting live on the same solution. What’s more, you get a free domain name for the yearly subscription to’s Business plan.

Not just that, you get 200 GB of storage and unlimited video hosting (via VideoPress). This is your very own dedicated video hosting solution! Imagine how helpful this is if you happen to sell video-only files — tarot readings, therapy sessions, or workshops. 

Next comes your downloads management solution.

The role of a downloads management and selling solution in a downloads store (and how Download Monitor stacks up)

Download Monitor - a WordPress plugin to open a digital products store
Download Monitor

Download Monitor

Grow your audience, track download performance, and convert your traffic into email subscribers with an easy-to-use digital downloads solution for WordPress.

Your website builder manages your store’s front-end or what the users see.

But a digital products business has many moving parts that need handling on the back-end—uploading products (and allowing downloads), charging for the downloads, collecting users’ emails, setting access rules, tracking downloads, designing download experiences, enforcing usage terms, and more. A download management solution powers all these and more for a digital products store.

Download Monitor and its Complete Extension Bundle bring all this and more to your digital products selling mix. 

Download Monitor is a digital product store builder plugin with a minimal setup. It’s built from the ground up to help digital product entrepreneurs quickly set up and grow a digital products business. The free core plugin lets you quickly set up a shop on your website and start selling downloads.

And its premium extensions help take your store to a whole new level by:

Moreover, many top access and membership plugins offer native integrations/extensions with Download Monitor. With these extensions, you can make your downloads available only to your website’s subscribers. Check out Restrict Content Pro’s free extension for Download Monitor. Also, see PaidMembershipsPro’s native integration with Download Monitor.

From measuring your business’s performance (via best-in-class racking) to helping you grow (via a host of sales and marketing tools) and more, Download Monitor coupled with its extensions bundle is a complete digital product business solution when used with a website builder like Here’s how to quickly set up a digital products store with and Download Monitor.

Three easy steps to create a digital products store with and Download Monitor

Step #1: Sign up for’s Business plan. If you don’t already own a domain name, go with an annual subscription. Not only is the annual plan very cost-effective but also gets you a free domain for a year.

Domain registration with
Free domain

Step #2: Select a theme 

Either choose a free theme and edit it with’s page builder or upload your own theme. This (free) theme from Automattic might be a good choice. You can edit it to use as your digital store’s theme: themes
Choose a theme

Also, most themes play well with Download Monitor, so you’re good!

Step #3: As the last step, add the Download Monitor plugin.

Adding Download Monitor to
Add Download Monitor

As you can see, installing Download Monitor adds a Downloads Shop to your website. Here’s guidance on how to proceed from this point. The instructions are for, but they apply almost fully to a installation too.

Adding a digital products store with Download Monitor
Add a product

When you’re ready, grab Download Monitor’s Complete Plan. It offers over a dozen premium addons for a single heavily discounted pricing.

Download Monitor's Complete Plan
Download Monitor extensions

Before showing off your slick new store to your users, make a test purchase. You want to ensure that the payment goes through correctly and the download delivery happens as intended.  

Wrapping it up…

By itself, a digital downloads business is a low-maintenance one. Its core logistics can even run on autopilot. 

However, if you choose a website builder that’s non-intuitive and comes with a long learning curve, you’ll end up spending days setting it up. Also, if it isn’t a managed solution like, you’ll have to set aside a day or more each week for ongoing maintenance (like backups, speed optimization, etc.).

Likewise, unless you choose a complete digital downloads WordPress solution like Download Monitor, you’ll find yourself constantly looking for plugins or extensions for even getting your digital store’s basic functionalities together. You’ll also have a difficult time getting everything to work together. paired with Download Monitor is a truly seamless solution for building a digital products store. Combined, they help you create a downloads store that pretty much runs itself while you get to focus on growing your business. Sign up for’s Business plan now and set up a digital products store on it with Download Monitor!

Download Monitor

Grow your audience, track download performance, and convert your traffic into email subscribers with an easy-to-use digital downloads solution for WordPress.

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