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Starting with version 4.5.92 of Download Monitor, we introduced a new setting in the Settings> Advanced> Miscellaneous tab. The main utility of this setting is to add another path for downloadable files because by default our plugin uses the root and the upload path (with their directories) as default paths.

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Depending on how your host set up your server or how you set up your WordPress installation, you may need to add another file path for your files if you want to download them from another directory.

Please note: Because this is a major modification, it’s best not to change this setting unless you’re REALLY SURE you know what you’re doing. It is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to BACKUP THE DATABASE before making any changes so that if something goes wrong you can return to the prior state. This is IRREVERSIBLE – once the modification is made new uploads/old updated downloads will save the relative path (metabox URLs file) based on the longest common path between ABSPATH, WP_CONTENT_DIR, and the path given in the new setting.

WARNING! Change this setting ONLY if you know and are sure of what you are doing. This may cause problems in the download / save process if not specified correctly. Before changing this, it is recommended to BACK UP YOUR DATABASE in case something goes wrong.

By default, due to security issues and restrictions, we only allow downloads from the root folder and the uploads folder, depending on how your WordPress installation is configured. To be able to download files from elsewhere, please specify the path or a higher path.

For the root folder /home/dir/www/wordpress/ , if you want to download files from /home/dir/www/downloads/  directory, for example, you will need to enter the /home/dir/www/downloads/ path in the setting, or if the files are in the www  directory, an example of how the path should look would be  /home/dir/www/.

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