Download Hashes

Hashing in Download Monitor can be used by the person downloading the file to verify if the file they downloaded has been altered. This is done by your website calculating the hash of your file and the user locally calculating a hash of the downloaded file. If both hashes are equal, the download was not altered during transport and they can safely assume they have the real file.

Supported Hashing Algorithms

Your Download Monitor website can calculate a hash of your files in the following algorithms:

  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA256
  • CRC32B

Displaying the hash on your website

You can display the hash on your website with the download_data shortcode. An example of how to display the MD5 hash of download with ID 5:

[download_data id="5" data="md5"]

You can also display the hash in your custom code by using the various get methods on the version object. An example of how to do this for an example download object:

echo $download->get_version()->get_md5();

You can fetch downloads from your database with the retrieve method.

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