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Download Repository – num_rows

Please note: Functionality described on this page requires Download Monitor version 4.0 or above.

Downloads in Download Monitor can be fetched via the Download Repository. num_rows is a method of Download Monitor’s download repository service. The method returns the amount of posts found for given filters. Useful for when you want to paginate your results.


public function num_rows( $filters=array() );


$filtersarrayarray()The filters that set what downloads will be fetch. Basic WP_Query parameters can be used here with some exceptions. Ignored parameters are post_typeposts_per_pageoffsetpagednopaging.


Retrieve how many downloads in total the website has

This snippet will fetch an int containing the total downloads the website has.

$num_rows = download_monitor()->service( 'download_repository' )->num_rows();

Did you know! The retrieve() method uses the same $filters argument as this method. See the documentation page of retrieve() for more examples on various filter examples.

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