Download Repository – persist

Please note: Functionality described on this page requires Download Monitor version 4.0 or above.

Downloads in Download Monitor can be stored in the database via the Download Repository. persist is a method of Download Monitor's download repository service. The method stores the given DLM_Download object in the WordPress database. This method can be used for inserting new and updating existing downloads. If no ID in the DLM_Download object is set, the download will be inserted as a new download. If an ID is set in the DLM_Download object, the download in the WordPress database with that ID will be updated.


public function persist( $download );


Parameter Type Default Description
$download DLM_Download n/a The download that will be saved in the WordPress database.


Inserting a new download

This snippet will create a new DLM_Download object and save it in the WordPress database.

// create new download
/** @var DLM_Download $download */
$download = new DLM_Download();
$download->set_title( "Dummy Download" );
$download->set_description( "This is just a test download" );
$download->set_author( 1 );
$download->set_status( "publish" );

// store new download
download_monitor()->service( 'download_repository' )->persist( $download );
Please note: The download created with this snippet contains no versions. Version can be created with the Version Repository, which you can read more about here.

Updating an existing download

This snippet will fetch download with ID 1, change it's title and update it in the WordPress database. The retrieve_single call is wrapped in a try-catch block. You can read here why that is done.

try {
	// retrieve download with ID 1
	/** @var DLM_Download $download */
	$download = download_monitor()->service( 'download_repository' )->retrieve_single( 1 );

	// set new title
	$download->set_title( "A way better title than it had before" );

	// update download in database
	download_monitor()->service( 'download_repository' )->persist( $download );
} catch ( Exception $exception ) {
	// download with ID 1 not found

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