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Empty Download Request Redirection

Since Download Monitor 1.9.7 we’re redirecting empty download request to the homepage. You can disable this with the dlm_empty_download_redirect_enabled filter. An example of how to do this:

function dlm_disable_empty_download_redirect( $b ) {
	return false;
add_filter( 'dlm_empty_download_redirect_enabled', 'dlm_disable_empty_download_redirect' );

By default, we redirect the user to your homepage. You change this page with the dlm_empty_download_redirect_url filter. An example on how to do this:

function dlm_custom_empty_download_redirect_url( $s ) {
	return site_url('no-access');
add_filter( 'dlm_empty_download_redirect_url', 'dlm_custom_empty_download_redirect_url' );

The above snippet sends the user to your No Access page.

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