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Errors when trying to download


If you see this error when you’re trying to download a file, please go to dashboard > Settings > General and make sure that WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are both with https protocol.

2. Forbidden message on downloads

To fix this error please go to Downloads > Settings > Advanced > Miscellaneous and clear transients.

3. 404 Not Found

You might see this error because you do not have a file to download. This can happen if you imported downloads from a CSV file and the file’s path was not imported. To check go to your WP dashboard > Downloads > All Downloads > Edit your download > scroll down to Downloadable Files/Versions > Add File > Upload File > select your file > Update.

Another solution to try is to go to your dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > and save without changing anything.

4. Downloads do not work in Chrome

Go to your WP dashboard > Settings > General > make sure that at the WordPress Address (URL) and at the Site Address (URL) sections you have both the links written with https://

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