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How to link to a previous download version

If you are looking to setup a link to a previous version of a file there are 2 ways you can achieve this. The first method is by using the ‘Download Button’ block on your page and the second one is by adding the version to your download’s URL.

First, let’s make sure that we follow the right steps to set a version for our downloads. You need to go to your WordPress dashboard > Downloads > Add new.

After you created your download you need to scroll down to Downloadable Files/Versions > add your file by either uploading it from your computer/Media Library/custom URL.

After you upload your file you can set the version for your file.

In this example I added 2 files and I set 2 different versions. This is how it looks.

Now that we’se set the versions for our files let’s see the 2 ways we can link to a previous version.

1. The ‘Download Button’ block method

You need to go to your WordPress dashboard > Pages > Add New or edit a page you created. After this you need to search for the ‘Download Button’ block.

After this you need to select your download and also the version you want.

After this all you need to do is Publish your page and you’re all set up.

2. The download URL method

Each downloads come with an URL, if you copy that URL you will have something like this: https://yourdomain.com/download/369702

You can find this URL by going to your WordPress dashboard > Downloads > Edit your download > Download Information > URL.

At this download URL you can add the version # so it downloads that specific version.
For example: https://yourdomain.com/download/369702/?version=1.0

This way your users will be able to download only that specific version.

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