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Managing your Download Monitor subscription

In some cases, you may not want to keep your Download Monitor subscription active indefinitely. You can now disable/cancel your subscription right from your account area now.

Click the link below to go to your account area:

Manage My Account

To cancel your subscription you need to go to Subscriptions > View > Cancel:

Once canceled, you will not be charged for a renewal next year.

How can the billing info be changed/updated? 

At the moment, you cannot change the billing information from your account because we do not store that information – our payment processor handles the payments. The only solution would be to purchase a new license or renew the old one from your account using the new card. The easiest solution would be to cancel the subscription and manually renew when the license key expires. This way you will be able to enter your new billing information.

How to check your transactions

In order to view your transactions you need to go to your account here > Orders > Actions > View. You will be able to see your order number and status, the payment method, the date the payment was made, and also the amount you paid for our product.

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