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No data in the Reports section

If you want to check the data in the Reports and you see nothing there, do not worry, there is a simple fix for this!

If this is what you see when you want to check your data, here is what you need to do:

Go to your WordPress dashboard > Downloads > Reports and hitting the F12 key of the keyboard or the right-click > Inspect option should open developer tools. There should be a tab called “Console”, click it and check if you have this error:

If you see this error it means that you do not have sufficient permission to access this endpoint. Access to REST API requests is restricted by iThemes Security settings.

Please go to your WordPress dashboard -> Security -> WordPress Tweaks -> Rest API > set it to Default.

Another solution is to add these endpoints in iThemes security:


In order to do this please reach out to the support team of iThemes Security so they can guide you where to add them.

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