The ‘No Access Modal’ option

Starting from version 4.7.4, we’ve enhanced your experience with a new feature – the No Access Modal. Previously, when users didn’t have access to a file, they would see the No Access Page. But now, we’ve introduced an option to open the no access message in a convenient pop-up window, also known as a modal.

Instead of the No Access Page appearing, users will now encounter a sleek modal window displaying any lock or access-denied information. It’s a more user-friendly and visually appealing way to communicate restrictions.

Note: The template of the modal area that can be overwritten and changed by the user.

In order to have a modal displayed, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard > Downloads > Settings > Advanced > Pages > enable the ‘No Access Modal’ option > Save changes.

And that’s it! Now, whenever a user faces restricted access, they’ll see a sleek modal window instead of the traditional No Access Page.

For more details about the No Access Page, check out our No Access Page guide.

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